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Lately FIFA claimed in a page to the Iranian Baseball Federation that the Iranian women's group is prohibited to take part in the activities in Singapore while carrying HIJAB, or head scarves.FIFA says on their site that "the player's equipment must not bring any political, religious, or particular statements," and that "all components of clothing or gear other than the essential must be inspected by the referee and identified to not be dangerous."

In 2007, an 11-year-old lady was prohibited to perform in soccer sport in Canada because she was wearing the HIJAB. The Quebec Baseball Association claimed the ban on the HIJAB is to protect young ones from being inadvertently strangled. The secretary-general of Iran's National Olympic Committee has called on Muslim nations to protest the world baseball body's bar on head connections for women during the Youth Olympic Activities this summer.

On March 14, 2004, the German legislative council chosen the ban on "religious designs" in public places schools. This exceptional legislation, which largely objectives Muslim young girls, was generally supported in France. After four years of the enactment of what the law states, it's possible to hardly calculate its effects on the list of German Muslims. People however notice the situation without true understanding.The French Muslims failed to build a unanimous strategy toward the situation of hijab. They failed to produce their voices heard through the media. The standard result was that their management of the disaster became ineffective. Now, after four years of the enactment of the anti-hijab law, the situation appears to be the same.

The european media does not show the numerous european women who've reverted to Islam, followed the HIJAB, and are pleased with it. Created, raised and educated in the west, they skilled flexibility and spent life because they wanted. Then they learned Islam and reverted. What did Islam provide them with that they certainly were missing? It filled the machine in their souls. hijab blog

West think that the gear of freedom is presented by them. NO. Islam is first to offered freedom to women. Islam provides women directly to vote 1400 years back, in America it is given in early 1900. Islam allows the right of house inheritance 1400 years back, in America laws for the inheritance are were rewritten in 1950's to give correct of inheritance to women. How poor the status of ladies in west? We've given the rights 1400 years back that the women of west desires till this generation. It's amazing.

State has to produce regulations and we obey them, but they don't really have the right to share with us what to use and how to use, that is our freedom. Veiling isn't against west, veiling is against imperialism. There is a difference between west and imperialism. West is just a lifestyle and it's just like a society just like any other tradition or civilization. Imperialism is that when west tries to share with the entire world that we are the standard and every one is ethnic. Number, the west is as ethnic as Arab culture. HIJAB, scarf and covering human body can be in other religions. Christianity also reveals energy to wear it. Merry in the church wears scarf. Also in Hinduism women protect their body. If the nuns may use the scarf then why the Muslim women is banned of wearing HIJAB?

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