How to Select Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding

    Hess Lindgaard
    By Hess Lindgaard

    Selecting a wedding invitation can be a very tricky and time-consuming task because it provides all your guest with their first peek into your big day. Are you anxious about how to select the right invitations? We’ve got all the pointers you need for making the right choice.

    Make Sure Your Invitation Style Matches Your Wedding Style

    Firstly, define the style of your wedding clearly. You should know what kind of wedding event you are having – elegant and sophisticated, relaxed and fun, glamourous and classic, or modern and simple – before starting to look for your invitations or save the dates. Then browse online like on Wedding Invitations Houston to get some inspiration.

    Define Your Colors

    Choose your colors wisely. What are the contrasts and hues you are planning to use for your wedding decor? You can incorporate them into your invitation and all the other stationary related to your event. Choosing light backgrounds with dark colored fonts is the classic style whereas you can also go for light wording on dark backgrounds. But try not to use such contrasts which make your wording hard to read. Keep in mind that your words should pop out. Keep the readability in mind when making the color and font choice.

    You can go wild with the envelope, patterns, liners and other stuff but it is not advisable with the ink!

    Alternations in Shape and Size

    The classic and traditional wedding invitations are rectangular shaped and usually 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch in size. But this is not a hard and fast rule. While keeping in mind the postage price and other such restrictions, you can play with the shapes and sizes changing them to squared, circular, etc.

    Wording Of the Invitation Counts

    The advice here is to choose your words wisely and carefully. Make sure to spell everything out including hosts, date, time, and venue, while also cordially inviting your guests. The traditional wedding cards usually have a starting line such as “cordially invite you to” or “request the honor of your presence.” You can play with the words as long as you include all the people or hosts that need to be included.

    Overcrowding is not advised.

    Try not to squeeze all the information on one card and also avoid unnecessary information. The only points that need to be mentioned on the invitation are: the hosts, ceremony time, location, you and your fiancé's names, RSVP information and the dress code (optional). Squeezing extra information effects the readability as well as the elegance of your invitation. Use enclosure cards or your wedding website for mentioning all the other information about post wedding activities, venue directions etc.

    Proof Check and Double Check

    You have all the details in the forefront of your mind, but you can easily make proof reading mistakes while checking your invites so it is advisable to get it proof read by some friends and family members before finalizing.

    Do Not Delay and Start Early

    Wedding invitations are always customizable and therefore their printing takes time. Try not to delay the selection procedure very much and if you are going for the “save the dates” then you need to start earlier. Invitations need to be sent six to eight months before the wedding with save the dates beings sent even sooner. The printing time also depends on the style of your invites. If you are going for fancy invitation cards then it is going to take even longer so it is best to start scouting for your invitation styles and place your order nine to eleven months before the actual ceremony.


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