Getting an Outdoor Sauna

    Hess Lindgaard
    By Hess Lindgaard
    The sauna was part of our lives from our first memories as a child. It had been an outdoor sauna which was located about 30 yards behind the house and about 10 meters from the sea we lived on. It was made of Northern white plank and tested 12 feet by 10 legs in size. It highlighted a conventional sauna oven that was manufactured in Bruce Crossing Michigan only a little area in Upper Peninsula. Our outside sauna also had a cool water spicket that was applied to load the water bucket to make water, great downs and for rinsing the work  buitensauna   off when you headed back to the house.
    A floor of our outdoor sauna was also cedar and grew up about a foot down the ground. Underneath was a pit filled up with rocks that would permit the water to strain into the soil. We were fortunate that we did not need the clay land that a few of our neighbors had which will involve a particular strain to eliminate surplus water.
    The key reason for having another outside sauna was due to convention but more importantly to cut back the fire hazard. Several of our friend's sauna has burnt down in the past 40 years. It is interesting that we all applied timber to temperature our domiciles but besides a chimney fireplace or two nothing of our friends or neighbors homes burnt down. Some individuals have connected the over use of alcoholic beverages, another sauna tradition, to the high number of sauna fires. Often an outside sauna stove is permitted to have very hot in preparation for the sauna and that's anything that we rarely allowed with home woodstove.

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